Is the art of product development gone?

Have you noticed the same thing as I have? There has been a huge trend going on in the Internet Marketing industry. Product development has seemed to gone by the wayside and in its place we have resell rights packages, product blowouts and what seems to be fad type products. This must change for the sake of these product developers and for the sake of the industry itself. Let’s take a look at each one of these type of so called products.

1.) Resell Rights

This is by far the least dangerous of my complaints. Heck, I love a good resell rights product which has a great value and is a legitimate product. Here’s the scenario though.

Hey… I buy almost every resell rights package that comes out!  

If you follow many of these people with “resell rights” packages. You will start to notice that this seems to be the only type of product they release. Hmmm?

In order to give value to a resell rights package, the product should already have shown that the market wants this product by the fact that the original owner was selling it already. This makes the overall value of the package that much more valuable. Many of these new types of products don’t follow this rule. In fact, the product itself was specifically designed to be sold as a resell rights product. No market research was put behind it all, they just assumed the market will want this. In many instances this was just a clone of another product.

Now to the marketer who knows what they are doing… this is good!

Why? Because most people who purchase a resell rights package will not ever do anything with it. So this leaves just you many times to profit from this. Just be careful that you know what the product is before you buy it.

2.) Product Blowouts

Now, I’m not picking on any one marketer or group. But what this product is, is simply a large grouping of product SPECIFICALLY developed to sell the resell rights to.

What makes me laugh about this product is the fact that most have an affiliate program with it.

Having an affiliate program with this type of product is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Let me explain.

Ok, I just purchased this huge product package for $200. Now, my plans are to sell it to my customers, my list and so on. But what do I do? I signup for the affiliate program and instantly wipe out any chances I have to sell any of these products to my list. Why? Because I just told them where I got my next 50 products I plan to launch. Instead of buying from me they buy the products themselves and market them themselves.

Also with each package I sell, I increase my competitors in the marketplace and again ruin my changes to make any sales. Do you see what I mean? Now, I don’t blame the affiliate owner for this, I blame the affiliates themselves for not thinking this through to see what is happening. You have to think in business!

3.) Fad Type Products

My only problem with “fad” type products is that they are fad. Wake up people. Why go through all the work to creat a product which won’t be there 6 months or a year from now? You have now have to develop another product to replace the income from the lack of sales from the first one.

The concept of product development is to increase your income or should I say add to your income with each new product you create. It builds upon the previous one as does the income. For example, if you create one product and it makes you $3000 a month, there is no reason why this income should go away if it is built upon solid principles. Using this same model, if you have 2 products of same value you should now be up to $6000 a month. Do you see my point? It makes sense.

My point is this… create a product or a product line which will stand the test of time. Don’t create events, but create products which will will last. Each and every month, I sell EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PRODUCTS. In fact, some of my first creations are still my best sellers.

Can you say the same thing? Just think about.


  1. James D. Brausch on June 9, 2006 at 11:32 am

    Hey Armand,

    Nice points!

    I’ve been noticing that my reaction to “resell rights” has become “junk so horrible that they couldn’t even give it away”.

    The concept of resell rights was fine before everyone starting trying to sell junk by focusing on the resell rights instead of the product itself.

    -James Brausch

  2. Sandy Hall on June 9, 2006 at 2:46 pm

    Hi Armand,
    You are so right about buying up packages and packages of resale rights products. And then letting them sit on your harddrive without doing a thing with them. As with so many others who do the same thing, “I plan on doing something, BUT”…
    The thing to do is to Take Action. I think I’ll go clean up my files right now ;-))
    Sandy Hall

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