Last night I was watching Conan O’Brian and John Tesh was on it. Not that I like John Tesh, but… what was interesting, is that Conan promoted a book of his on TV. When he promoted the book, the only way people could buy the book was to go to John Tesh’s website. Here’s what I did…

I went to Alexa and immediately grabbed a screen shot of his traffic rank.

Here is a snapshot of John Tesh’s website yesterday, before Conan mentioned it.

Notice that his traffic rank according to Alexa is 226,838.

Here’s a snapshot of it today… AFTER Conan mentioned his website.

His traffic rank jumped up to 79,516 today! Pretty impressive with only one mention.

But here’s what happened with this very site after ONLY ONE EMAIL sent to a list.

My personal Alexa ranking went from nowhere to 2,223!

It just goes to show you good old fashion email still works. Don’t ignore the power of email. It still works and you can even beat out mentions on national TV. 🙂