Time for an Opt-In Strategy Change

email.jpgEveryone knows that without a list, you have no online business. The money is in the list. It happens all the time in the Internet marketing world a person will develop a tactic and then other people will start using it, the market becomes saturated with it and then someone improves upon it. Then the game starts over again. I believe that opt-in strategies are about to morph. What I mean by morph is that just having an opt-in page is not going to be good enough anymore.

Adding audio on your opt-in page is certainly better. I believe that video is going to be the killer factor on the opt-in page. Video on the opt-in page can do all of your selling, but I don’t believe just any video will work. I don’t believe it’s just a matter of a person standing there and saying, Hey, give me your name and email address. It’s going to need to be almost infomercial quality. I think you are basically going to need to create a mini infomercial on the opt-in page and then send them to the sales letter. That infomercial will need to create enough curiosity to persuade them to give their name and email address.

I shouldn’t say name and email address because we are actually testing just asking for an email address on one of my new sites. Just asking for an email address is pulling unbelievable at over 60%. I am using the same strategy and same wording that I’ve always used except I’m now only asking for an email address. Are the stats so good that I think that name is not required any more? No. We just started this. There’s no track record yet.

My point is very simple. The more information that you ask of a person on the Internet, the less opt-ins you will receive. People don’t want to have to jump through hoops. If a person only has to give an email address, it makes it very simple in order to get to the next page. You must to bribe them with something good enough that you are going to get a valid email address. I only use forced opt-in pages. You can’t see my sales letter until you give me your information.

I have always been a big proponent of audio and have been using it on my site for years. I am moving towards using video on many of my opt-in pages. With each progression, massive results are shown, but times change and you have to move with the change. The hottest technique out there for creating great videos right now is using green screen videos. Basically, in this technique a subject is shot in front of a green, which is then made transparent and replaced by a different background image.

This gives you a combined video containing images from both clips. A good example of green screen video is the weather reports shown on television. The video is created by combining video with animation. The video shows the weatherman standing in front of a green screen while the animation displays maps and graphics. The green background of the video is made transparent and replaced by the animation. I believe you will be seeing more and more video opt-ins in the future.

Video allows you to create that instant rapport with prospects and clients. The object of the opt-in is finding targeted leads to market to and video allows them to get to know you enough to trust giving you their information. If you want your list growth to experience a rapid increase then try putting a video on your opt-in site and watch your conversion rate explode.


  1. Paul on April 18, 2007 at 10:46 am

    I think you have made some really good points. Personally I have always seen video as the way forwards on the interenet. We live in a lazy society. More and more people are prefering to watch a few minutes of video than trawl through pages of text to get the information they want. To quote “times change and you have to move with the change” this is spot on and hits the nail bang on the head. There is a brand new wave of younger, impatient, short-attention-spanned individuals using the internet these days and I too feel that video, produced well, is a firm step in the right direction.

    Just as a question, would you be marketing the video on sites such as YouTube, Veoh, Google video etc? There are many possibilities open like this to permeate the market with your sales message.

  2. PV Reymond on June 2, 2007 at 3:34 pm

    The problem with many squeeze page is that people in order to get subscriber offer freebies and then they don’t know if these leads are going to buy or not and most of them never buy, they are freebie seekers.

    For this reason I think the methods to get leads have to change. Before someone signing up he should understand that you are a marketer and you have to sell.

    I think using audio and video increase the possibilities to stimulate people to subscribe to your newsletters, but you have to know how to use these tools.

    The tech world is moving at a high speed and if you are not updated you risk to be the last one.

    You have to be able to interact with your visitors and give them what the are looking for. Giving useful and valuable information is very important.

    The most important thing is to deliver content and if you do it using videos it is better, because people can understand better your point.

  3. PlugIM.com on September 18, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Time for an Opt-In Strategy Change…

    I believe that opt-in strategies are about to morph. What I mean by morph is that just having an opt-in page is not going to be good enough anymore….