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Sell a Great Product

I get approached by a lot of different people who all have questions about making money online. They generally ask questions like: “What’s the latest and greatest?” “What’s the new information out there?” And, “What’s changed?” I always tell them what’s on my mind at the time and then try to answer their questions. One…

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Good Enough For Now

Is your product the best that it can be? My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago. He was a carpenter and always worked on other people’s homes. He fixed them up and installed siding and roofs. I worked with him a lot when I was a kid growing up. My grandfather was one…

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Need A Quick Webshot of a Website?

I just found this cool new tool today. It allows you to make a FREE webshot of any website you want. All you have to do it enter your email address and click a button. It took only 6 seconds to grab it. Check it out I know you’ll find some cool new uses for…

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