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Advertise in Ezines and Newsletters

Make a List of Ezines or Newsletters

Advertise in Ezines and Newsletters – Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 26 Make a List of Ezines or Newsletters that I Could Buy Ads In You want to advertise in Ezines and Newsletters. I would do my research first, as always. I would go to Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and I would find newsletters or Ezines that I…

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Go Animate

The focus of this marketing tutorial is on a service called “Go Animate”. We’ll use this service to create optimized videos for YouTube to drive traffic to your website.

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Sell a Great Product

I get approached by a lot of different people who all have questions about making money online. They generally ask questions like: “What’s the latest and greatest?” “What’s the new information out there?” And, “What’s changed?” I always tell them what’s on my mind at the time and then try to answer their questions. One…

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This Marketing Tutorial is focused on demonstrating how to use to its’ fullest, generating big results as quickly as possible. Using this one resource, you can place your ads on a wide variety of very influential websites.

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In this marketing tutorial, we demonstrate how to create a podcast and submit it to iTunes for the purpose of driving traffic.

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Get 100,000 Visitors a Month!

Get 100,000 visitors

I just released my BRAND NEW product SecretPPC. It’s a complete video training where I teach you a SECRET method I’ve been using for almost a year which drives 100,000 visitors a month to my websites. It’s true and it’s NO JOKE. I can do this with any site. It’s NOT some lame technique with…

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Instant Traffic

Everyone is always talking about traffic. Most people want it today and not tomorrow. This video will show you how to get instant traffic today… 100% GUARANTEED!!!

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Get Massive Traffic With This – FREE Video

I just released my newest software called Placement Locator. What it does is scour the Internet for targeted sites which you can advertise on using Google’s Placement Targeting option. We drive Tens of Thousands of visitors to our sites using this method. I’ve been doing this for several years. But with my new software, I…

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Massive Traffic

I received over 250+ responses to this video once I released it and for good reason. This is the one Google technique which all the big companies on the Internet use and I explain it to you in simple to understand terms.

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