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Good Enough For Now

Is your product the best that it can be? My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago. He was a carpenter and always worked on other people’s homes. He fixed them up and installed siding and roofs. I worked with him a lot when I was a kid growing up. My grandfather was one…

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New Sequence

This Marketing Tutorial is AWESOME! It’s a variation and clearer thinking of what I’ve been preaching.

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Reverse Engineering Your Success

It’s always been interesting to me to me how everyone focuses with the end goal in mind. Mind you this is good, but it is not how you will accomplish your goal or task at hand. You need to reverse engineer what you want. Once you’ve mastered this one aspect, everything else will suddenly fall…

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Ultimate Key To Success

It’s almost the end of the year and as many people do, started to reflect upon 2006 and what I can do to make it my most successful year to date. I receive countless emails for requests for interviews as well as many question about what one topic consistently throughout the year. The question is…

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