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Keyword Domains

Welcome back for another Marketing Tutorial. In this video, we discuss ranking for high keywords or keywords in general using domains. Demonstrates how to use a special area on to locate great domains for fast SEO (search engine optimization) results.

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Domain SEO

In this marketing tutorial, we take a different look at SEO (search engine optimization).

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WordPress Optimization

This is my NEW complete course on WordPress Optimization. In total, its nearly 2 hours of pure WordPress teaching showing you in detail what you need to do to optimize your WordPress blogs. Watch WordPress Optimization Now:

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SEO Tool – Top Directories For Link Building

I just ran across the most amazing list if you are trying to build a linking strategy for your website. It’s a list of the Top Directories for link building in order of Page Strength (Rank). This is key. It breaks it down and lists whether they are free or it simply lists their fee…

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