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Presidential Elections Are All About Marketing

I’ve been watching the process of the U.S. Presidential elections. It’s interesting to watch all the people try to win the vote of Americans. The marketing strategies have been vast and the Internet has certainly played an important role in the outcomes so far. The Biggest Politcal Marketing Move Was Left Untouched! The Republican candidates…

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Google Predicts Primary Winners with 30% Accuracy!

If you’ve read here recently. I posted a post titled “Can Google Predict The Iowa Caucus Winners?” well the results are in and Google is batting at about 30%. According to CNN the results for the Democrats are: 1.) Barack Obama 2.) John Edwards 3.) Hillary Clinton 4.) Bill Richardson 5.) Joe Biden On the…

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Can Google Predict The Iowa Caucus Winners?

I was playing around with Google Trends and I had this cool idea. Let’s see if Google can predict the Iowa Caucus winner. I entered in 5 candidates from each party. So I entered Ron Paul, Mit Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee. Here’s the results for the Republicans first. I set Google…

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World’s Top Internet Marketer… Ron Paul?

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time but Seth Godin beat me to it with his post, Marketer of the year 2007. Seth says it’s tie between Barack Obama and Ron Paul. I disagree, Ron Paul is absolutely the undisputed winner. Let’s look at the facts. He raised $4+ Million Dollars in…

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