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Proper Keyword Research

In this marketing tutorial video, we take a look at how to do proper keyword research using the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool. To watch, click the video below.

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Google Keyword Matching

I can’t believe the number of people who do this wrong. In this tutorial I describe the number of ways to accomplish the keyword matching when it comes to Google advertising. I also tell you why each one works and the problems. PLUS… I tell you exactly why I recommend a certain way.

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Google Adwords Keyword Tip

I just figured out a new strategy to create highly targeted low cost keywords for your adwords campaigns. It’s quick, simple and to the point. You’ll like this one.

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Keyword Research

In this video I talk about a new tool I’ve been using lately that has really revolutionized my keyword research. You’ll learn why most people who create keyword lists do it wrong. You’ll like this one. The tool’s called Market Samurai. Watch and enjoy.

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