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iPhone Personal Assistant SIRI… This could be cool!

Imagine this… You just came out from the movies and it’s raining. You’re in a strange city and you don’t know where to get a cab. There’s no need to fear… Siri is here. Open up your iPhone click on Siri and say “Siri I need a cab”. Siri asks where you are and sends…

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WordPress iPhone App is LIVE

The long awaited WordPress iPhone App is finally ready. If you’re using WordPress for your blog, then you’re going to love this iPhone App. I’ve been waiting for this since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. I just heard about this just minutes ago at Weblog Tools Collection. Here’s some of the…

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I Now Have An iBrick

Like a good geek, I went and downloaded the new iPhone 2.0 firmware for my iPhone. I was excited to see that it was finally available. I tried to download it last night, but it wasn’t available. I’ll wait to upgrade the iPhone. Me and huge lines just don’t agree. Back to my story. I…

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WordPress For iPhone App

I just read about a new iPhone App coming soon called “WordPress For iPhone“. This will be an open-source app. With the release of the iPhone App Store today, this is definitely a timely product. It’s not out yet, but I’m waiting as I’m sure a lot of other people. Here’s a video overview of…

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7 Internet Predictions For 2008

Ok, we are here are the end of another year. It’s been a great year for me and I hope it has been a great year for you too. 2008 almost upon us and who would I be if I didn’t jump on the band wagon and put in my two cents for predictions for…

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