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Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 4

Start a Facebook Page Over one billion people like and comment on Facebook an average of 3.2 billion times every day. With a strong presence on Facebook, your business can be part of these conversations. It is one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there — word-of-mouth marketing. I’d start the Facebook page…

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Facebook Strategies

In this marketing tutorial training session, demonstrate a couple of quick tips and strategies for Facebook advertising. Discussion on the concepts of CPM and Facebook’s proprietary “Edge Rank” algorithm which can impact how much you actually would pay for advertising on Facebook.

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Facebook Pages

This is Part 3 of the recently released training series: F.A.S.T. — Facebook Advertising Secret Training. Click Here to find out more about this complete training series.

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Facebook Ad Primer

In this tutorial, I’m talking about Facebook; what I’ve seen, tested and experienced while using Facebook.

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Facebook – You Can’t Join Marketing Model

Unless you’ve been in a very deep sleep over the past few years, you have undoubtedly heard of Facebook the social network which it seems that everyone and their brother belongs to. Facebook popularity is a fricken mystery to me. First of all yes, I do have a Facebook account I felt almost pressured to…

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