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Email Link Strategy

For 12 years I’ve been doing this wrong. It’s tough to admit, but I’ve overlooked this simple method to get more people to visit my sites. I feel like a total idiot. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

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Email Subject Lines

I was sitting here last night and for some reason I was looking at previous email subject lines I’ve written in the past and recently. Then the thought occurred to me. No one has ever really talked about this before. I don’t know why, since this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of email marketing. So…

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Why Do I Think This Email Only Gadget Will Take Off?

Recently a company called Peak showed pictures of their new email only gadget that’s getting read to hit stores in September. The gadget is quite simple. You connect to your email service via, imap or pop3 and can read and send email. That’s it. It’s plain and it’s simple. It has a full QWERTY keyboard…

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Email Formating Tool

If you are marketing online, I’m sure you’ve run across the problem of formatting your emails to wrap at 65 characters and making it look properly in most email clients. In my online ventures today, I found this tool which I found very easy to use and I would definately recommend you also give it…

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