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Keyword Domains

Welcome back for another Marketing Tutorial. In this video, we discuss ranking for high keywords or keywords in general using domains. Demonstrates how to use a special area on to locate great domains for fast SEO (search engine optimization) results.

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Cool New Domain Research Tool

Most tools that come out these days really don’t impress me at all. BUT… I just ran across this SUPER COOL tool which tells you all kinds of crazy information about any domain you want. I really don’t know if you really need all of it, but it’s nice to know you can find it.…

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Host Unlimited Domains

As many of you know, I just launched my new hosting service a few days ago. // Well, we have just upgraded our package offering to allow you to have UNLIMITED DOMAINS from a single account. For less than $1 a day, you can have a hosting service which doesn’t go down and UNLIMITED DOMAINS!!!…

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