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Make a List of Price Points

Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 18 – Make a List of My Competitor’s Price Points and Come Up With an Average This is very important. The reason I want to do this is I want to know the high, the low and the average prices that my competitors are using. This will give me an idea…

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Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 12

Make a List of What My Competitors Don’t Have When researching competitors, don’t just focus on what they are doing; you also want to be aware of what they are not doing. What are they missing? Most of the time, you can easily spot exactly what your competitors don’t have. It’s obvious to you, but…

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Good Enough For Now

Is your product the best that it can be? My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago. He was a carpenter and always worked on other people’s homes. He fixed them up and installed siding and roofs. I worked with him a lot when I was a kid growing up. My grandfather was one…

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