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Google Adwords Tricks

The new Google Adwords interface was introduced a while back. They just added some NEW features which will make your life a lot easier. Want 5 cent clicks? Watch the video. I show you how using Google’s own tools, plus a few other tricks from my sleeve.

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Google Remarketing

Google just released a new product called “Remarketing”. This is a very powerful marketing strategy and literally EVERY ONE should be using this on their websites.

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Google Optin Pages

This is my take on Google Optin Pages and banned accounts. This is what I believe Google is looking for in optin pages TODAY!

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Clickbank and Adwords Pt. 2

This is the Part 2 of my Clickbank and Adwords test to show you how to do it and improve upon it. In this video I show you updates of what has happened in almost 72 hours. I also go into how to improve my results showing you real details inside of my own adwords…

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Clickbank and Adwords

To prove that using Clickbank and Adwords still works, I found a Clickbank product, wrote an adwords ad and put it up live. Learn what I did and even how I can improve on it. This still works!

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Google Adwords Keyword Tip

I just figured out a new strategy to create highly targeted low cost keywords for your adwords campaigns. It’s quick, simple and to the point. You’ll like this one.

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