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Publishing Your Own eBook

ebook-publishing.gifeBooks offer a myriad of advantages to the Internet Marketer. A good idea for an eBook can explode your income. The best thing about publishing your own eBook is that not only can you earn a steady income by selling it, but you can also market all of your other products through the same eBook.

The primary reason to create and publish your own eBook is to make money. eBooks that are informative and focused sell very well. If the eBook’s subject has a market, people will be willing to buy it.

One of the major benefits of selling eBooks is that anyone with or without prior experience can create a book and with proper marketing strategies, build a huge customer base.

The key is building credibility with your eBooks. Once this is done, it would be very easy to make new as well as follow-up sales. eBooks can lead to a variety of other opportunities for your business. They also serve as great marketing tools and can be used to attract customers for your other products or services.

One of the biggest benefits of publishing your own eBook is that getting published is easier. The costs involved in traditional publishing are high and publishers are
extremely selective in what books they accept. Therefore, the percentage of authors who eventually succeed in getting their work published is extremely low.

Electronic publishing has removed much of the risk and costs attached to print publishing. The result being a far greater percentage of would be authors are now able to get published.

EBooks can be produced at a very low cost and high margin. Because the costs of electronic publishing are significantly lower, an author can expect to receive a higher percentage of the income derived from the sale of an eBook.

In fact, should authors decide to pay for the creation of their eBook up front and distribute the work themselves, they get to keep all the profits. Once you recover your costs such as editing and designing, they have a profit margin of almost 100%. This is enormous.

This is aided by the fact that eBooks eliminate shipping and inventory costs. You can
update and sell the same eBook for years and derive income out of it. The cost
for revising an eBook is minimal. Besides, creating an eBook does not require
technical knowledge. Anyone can create and market it.

An eBook can be completed and published fast. It can take up to two years for an accepted manuscript to go to print and reach the bookstores with a conventional publisher. eBooks can be published and up for sale within a few weeks. Self-publishers can be selling their eBook within weeks.

There are many opportunities available to advertise and market your eBook. The Internet has opened hundreds of doors to previously unpublished authors. You can now tap into the enormous world-wide market via the Internet. Best of all, is that you will have the exclusive rights to market your eBook and people can only buy it from you.

Alternatively, you could also enter into an agreement with another publisher regarding distribution of your eBook or post it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as many other online retailers.

It’s been said that everything that has been said has already been written, but it’s not true. Since that saying came into use, everything from technology, ideas and even people and beliefs have changed. The fact is that this is the perfect time to write an ebook. So, what are you waiting for?