I was reading an article on Online Marketing Blog about some shocking news about PRWEB discontinueing it’s FREE Press Release option. I think this will affect many online marketers, but will also aid those willing to pay. FYI – I always pay in order to get better distribution. Check out this new pricing structure.

SEO – $80
This is the distribution level that has set the standard for search engine optimized press release distribution for the last five years. In order to provide a difference for our $80 users, we’re making some clear changes we believe will provide beneficial differences between SEO and the next level.

* To reduce noise, we’re creating a dedicated page for our $80 product. Less competition on the page means more visibility.
* We’re also streamlining the submission process for this level, reducing the time it takes to upload your press release on PRWeb.

SEO with Social Media – $120
This package incorporates all of the SEO features from the “SEO” distribution, plus all of PRWeb’s social media features including our patent pending TrackBacks/PingBacks and PR Tag Clouds. Other features available at this level include Technorati tagging, “Quotables,” and social bookmarking. (If you haven’t taken advantage of these new features, I encourage you to turn them on. Your press releases’ performance improvement can be significant). Also look for your release in Pheedo’s RSS and Blog network. First-page positioning on PRWeb is guaranteed the day of your release.

Advanced Online Visibility – $200
This distribution option gives you access to all of the enhanced SEO and social media functionality, coupled with new tools including our exclusive eBook creation utility and our newly enhanced statistics. We have spent the last year re-thinking and re-vamping the way we measure online visibility. Our Advanced Online Visibility program gives you incisive leadership in your media campaigns, the broadest toolset and the very best positioning on PRWeb.com.

As shown on Online Marketing Blog


  1. Adam Davis on December 5, 2006 at 4:45 am

    Hey Armand,

    I think its a good thing that PRweb has discontinued their free service.

    Here at http://www.PRcomplete.com we dont even use that service, as it is a waste of time.

  2. Shaun Stenning on January 18, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    Hi Armand and Adam,

    My experience with PRweb has been indifferent. Often the results (traffic wise) that you get are low. I find that press releases in the IT area get taken up less and are not really effective for use on PRweb. I think that this is reflected on digg where its also hard to get IT related posts on the front page.