Not that long ago, I did a promotion on a new course I was getting ready to launch. I wanted to try something different. I did it through a video, which isn’t revolutionary by any means, but what was important about this video was that it was 90 minutes long.

The other part of this experiment that’s important to understand is that no one could even order the product until about 70 minutes into the actual video. And even at 70 minutes, they didn’t know what they were ordering, that wasn’t showcased until the video was actually over.

I did a promotion for about two weeks and emailed about it every day. I let people know the reasons why they should watch the video, but more importantly was the video itself. The video used a very specific format when teaching.

A good portion of my business is that I’m a speaker. I speak from stages, literally all over the world. I’m probably one of the highest paid speakers because I sell products and services from the stage. In fact, we generate millions of dollars every year selling products and services in front of live audiences.

Well, I can only speak to a certain number of people per year. When I do a presentation in front of an audience I’m limited, whether there’s 100 people in the room or as many as 7,000, it’s only those people there that can watch my presentation.

The previous year, I had used a complete stage presentation as a promotion. I took the video, converted it to a format for the web and I did a promotion on it. We generated about $347,000 from this video of people watching me on stage live, in person, full motion video over the course of 72 hours.

That brings us back to this particular promotion. I didn’t have time to record a video of me speaking anywhere, but I took the same PowerPoint presentation I would do when I normally speak from the stage, with the only difference being I recorded my voice. Therefore, the only thing they had to look at throughout the entire 90 minutes was a PowerPoint, while hearing my voice. This PowerPoint was the key to making the whole thing work.

Let’s start with the results. We generated over a quarter of a million dollars with this video. That’s extremely important, because we generated it in over two weeks with nothing but a PowerPoint video.

I was able to give them VALUE, ENGAGE the audience and TEACH them all at the same time. If you keep these three things in mind in all of your marketing strategy, it’ll be easier for people to buy from you. This is one of the keys to my success, not only as a speaker but as an Internet marketer, as well.

I’d like to challenge you to try a longer PowerPoint sales letter if you haven’t done one, and if you have, and didn’t have the results, go back through and watch it from your client’s point of view – did you give them value for giving you 90 minutes of their time, did you engage them enough to keep interest piqued and did you teach them something that made them want more? These are all key to winning the sales you are looking for.