Niche Marketing?

Ok, I know this certainly sounds old hat. Niche marketing, niche marketing, niche marketing… I have heard this so much over the past year it makes me want to puke. With that being said, I believe you should focus on a niche… but I have something else I think you all should know about… here it is.

How is it that companies like eBay, Skype and Myspace have been been bought out for millions and in some cases billions of dollars?

These companies did not follow the rules of a niche the way most people have defined it. In fact, they have blatantly gone after the masses.

How can a product like Mailwasher be turned into a multi-million dollar company called FireTrust almost overnight? Again, it is not really a niched product.

If all these cases are true… then why is it that every so-called expert on the Internet is telling you to focus on a niche. Really, don’t you want the millions of dollars instead of the thousands of dollars?

I have been guilty of providing much of the same advice. Here’s why and also a revelation.

First of all to get started online, you need to focus on one subject and literally become the expert in that market and product. This gives you leverage to make sales and to also get used to the systems at hand. This will also enable you to carry that success with you into other areas and endeaveurs.

That being said… another reason is for you to earn money quickly. The faster you earn money the more likely you are to stay in that field. The more likely you are to become successful.

Ok, so there are my reasons to “niche market”.

My revelation…

In the back of my mind ever since I first got started on the Internet, I always wanted to have a product or a piece of software to be downloaded 1,000,000 times. That’s a pretty hefty goal, but I know it can be done. Others have done it, why not me?

In order to have something downloaded a million times (free or not) it must be a mass marketable product or idea. Now, you have to understand, if you are giving away something FREE, you need to have something on the backend to be able to monitize that traffic. You also must must have immediate income as well to sustain you during this stage.

You see, if 1,000,000+ downloads of something is your goal. IF you attain it, you have a very valuable product or service which is ripe for a bigtime buyout. You must also understand that it’s a very big IF. If it was that easy everyone would do it.

I’m not saying not to niche market… but, while you are making money in your niche, think of ways to market to the masses. If you don’t ever have a mass marketable product or service, how can you ever have a payday like eBay or Skype? You can’t.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it.

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  1. Harib on January 8, 2006 at 6:27 pm


    1] How do I get large number Opt-in list subscribers in a very short time, and also in a very cheap manner?

    2] I have a product comming out very soon, and I need to have some kind of JV’s or someone with big list of subscriber to advertise my product to?