My Freedom Factor Event – Don’t Miss It

Let me change your life in 72 hours… I have something new that for the first time, I’m talking about in public. For years I’ve been researching why people fail, not for myself… but more importantly because… of the hundreds of thousands of people I’ve taught over the years only a few people actually succeed. There had to be something more and I’ve found it and developed it… IT WORKS… READ HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

There’s so much to talk about. But the essense is that you can learn all of the techniques, the strategies and the latest tool or software of the month, but if you don’t change your thinking… you’ll be in the exact same place every single time.

What most people neglect is that they have been trained to think in a “certain way” all of their lives.

This way you’ve been taught has led you to exactly where you are financially and relationship wise right now.

What if there was a straight to the point Step By Step System which you could learn which instantly and and scientifically changes your thinking process in to the exact same process myself and every other successful person in the world uses?

This is what I have created.

It’s called Freedom Factor – //

For 3 days I will personally train you with a system I’ve developed which has been proven and tested to work. Your reasons for not succeeding will deminish like the wind. You’ll gain new insightful knowledge of yourself which you had no idea you even possessed.

You’ll see why learning my methods can skyrocket your business and your life unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


You have to hurry… there’s only 73 seats.
Click This Link To Get All The Details: //


  1. James D. Brausch on January 5, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    Freedom Factor? Sounds vaguely familar somehow. 🙂

    Go change some lives Armand! That’s what it’s all about in the end anyway. How many lives did you affect for the better?

    -James D. Brausch

  2. Dechen on January 11, 2007 at 2:04 am

    Hi! Armand

    I totally agreed with you,In oder for one to success,it must develope a right mindset