I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking about lately when it comes to a membership site. I’ve been thinking about a new membership site model.

Let’s say your membership site is divided into segments. In this scenario, it would be divided into your main area followed by other niched or sub-categories.

Conventional thinking says to charge people a fee to access the member’s area, but in this model the only cost involved for accessing the main member’s area is a person’s name and email address.

That’s right, I’m talking about a FREE membership site.

Here’s how it would work. A person can sign up for free. They have to become a member to access the main area, which means they have to give you their name, email address, address, etc., in order to get access to all the content in the main area.

The other areas that make up the membership site would be more specialized content. To access that content, members would have to pay a monthly or one time fee. What you’re doing is building a list on the main content or general content, but inside they have sub-categories where people would pay to access premium content.

Don’t get stuck in the myths or ideas that everyone else has been doing all these years. It seems everyone’s saying you have to charge people a decent amount to access your information.

That’s not necessarily true. Why not charge a low amount and get a mass number of people to do it? By offering a free membership site, you’ll get a boatload of people to take you up on that free offer. Then narrow those clients down into various niches where they can access specific content.

People will easily pay $5, $10 or maybe even $20 a month to access these niched areas.

For example, I have some definitive content that I’m not going to be updating, and it’s an online course. What I can do is charge them a flat fee, of something like $97 for unlimited access to that.

There are different ways to charge people for a membership site. Don’t get stuck in that everything has to be monthly. You can charge a flat fee to access a membership site if you’re not going to be updating the content.

One of the main aspects of this is you can get a large number of people to subscribe or join your free membership site. Who is going to say no to free? Just about everyone will take free, so why not offer it to them.

The price for information in the coming years is going to decrease in some areas and in other areas it’s going to increase. When it comes to membership sites, I believe the prices are going to go down. You’ll have a few that’ll go in the opposite direction and that’s great for them, but for the most part I think you’ll see membership site prices decrease.

So, now’s the time to make a change, think about giving away free access to a member’s area with a niched, premium content side of things too.