windows_xp_logo.jpgDid you download the Microsoft WGA – Windows Genuine Advantage Tool? In case you have’nt heard, it was released in 2005 by Microsoft as part of their anti-piracy program. The WGA utility collects hardware and software information from users’ computers and delivers them to directly to Microsoft servers – the collected information is later used to trackdown potentially pirated or improperly licensed copies of the Windows operating system.

In fact just the other day during a recent Windows update, it came up on my computer. I clicked ok, since I have nothing to hide.

The issue is not with the tool… it’s the way Microsoft distributed it. According to a recent lawsuit filed, some people claim that it was not entirely explained properly and they claim it is classified as spyware which Microsoft has installed on potentially millions of computers.

Now, I agree with the basics of the tool. How much money is Microsoft losing due to unlicensed copies of their software. I would imagine many millions. I don’t know if I would sue them for it, but they should get their handslapped for trying to slide it by all of us in they way they, which was a Windows update. It is an invasion of privacy if you don’t read and know what it is when you download it.

The lesson from all this?

Simply… be honest with your customers. If they would have just said what it is, then there would be no issue. Sometimes the truth may be hard to say, but in the end, it will save you loads of time and money if you just lay it out there.

You will never make every single one of your customers happy. That’s just a fact. Once you get over this, you will be better suited to carry on business as usual. It seems many times in business, you are put under a microscope by your customers, you can’t make every single one happy… ALTHOUGH, THIS SHOULD BE YOUR OBJECTIVE, by working on the majority.

What can you do in your business to make your customers more happy?

  1. A free teleseminar – no pitching
  2. A free product
  3. A teleseminar just teaching them how to use your product

If you think about it, there are a number of ways to gain a customers loyalty and make them happy.

Try one today.