Meet Me In Los Angeles – PersuasionX 2009

On May 15th, 16th and 17th 2009, I’m doing my PersuasionX Training again. New and revised for 2009.

Last year I had over 60 people there learning my methods of selling. Understand this IS NOT  an Internet Marketing event. This is a PERSUASION EVENT. So this is not for everyone.

  • If you are a Public Speaker… YOU MUST ATTEND
  • If you are a Seminar Speaker… YOU MUST ATTEND
  • If you want to be a Seminar Speaker… YOU MUST ATTEND
  • If you sell on WEBINARS… YOU MUST ATTEND

I’ll be teaching my system for selling products and services in person or with your voice over the phone or even on webinars. The results really do speak for themselves.

The students who attended last year, LITERALLY went on to sell MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. This isn’t something where the return is only a few thousand dollars. I regularly speak do SIX FIGURES almost EVERY SINGLE TIME. I actually earn over $3000 PER MINUTE on average when I speak. THINK ABOUT THAT!

My students even on WEBINARS are selling over $100,000 in as little as 90 minutes.


Ask any Internet Marketer who they turn to help them increase sales from the stage!!! YUP, it’s me. Many of them have already been through my PersuasionX event and are even coming back!



There’s only a few seats left… SERIOUSLY!!