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Inspired Marketing – Joe Vitale and Craig Perrine

51glyhusfil_aa240_.jpgTwo friends of mine are getting ready to release their new book. Joe Vitale and Craig Perrine are getting ready to release their new book “Inspired Marketing“. It’s an amazing book as I happen to know a little bit about it. Joe and Craig interviewed many of the top marketers and I was honored to be one of those people.

The official launch date is March 25th, but you want to go there now to get all the details and bonuses which they are offering.

Here’s the link to the special site :

From the Inside Flap
Customers today are jaded, bored, or simply not paying attention to most of the marketing messages they encounter. Overwhelmed by marketing noise, many don’t even notice promotional efforts for those products they truly do desire. So how do marketers clear out the clutter and connect with the customers who actually want what they have to offer? The answer is Inspired Marketing!

In Inspired Marketing!, maverick marketing gurus Joe Vitale and Craig Perrine present the amazing step-by-step model used by today’s very best marketers. For anyone who sells anything, this rainmaking sales technique lets you sell without resorting to hype, scare tactics, or any sort of manipulation. Finally, you can sell more and feel good about doing it.

The Inspired Marketing! method appeals to the heart, as well as the head. It’s based not on coercion or pressure, but on enthusiasm and honesty. If that sounds like wishful thinking, it’s not! Inside, you’ll find firsthand, expert insight from the world’s most inspired marketers—Amy Scott Grant, Armand Morin, Bill Hibbler, Cindy Cashman, David Riklan, David Garfinkel, Lisa Coltman, Mark Joyner, Mark Ryan, Michel Fortin and Silvie Fortin, Nathan Anderson, Pat O’Bryan, and Suzanne Burns.

Inspired Marketing! connects the everyday act of buying and selling with deeper, more meaningful forces. In a synthetic, manipulative consumer culture, it’s a breath of fresh air. So throw your conventional ideas about marketing out the window and let Inspired Marketing! take you to new levels of success based on authenticity, enthusiasm, and heart.

Here’s the link to the special site :


  1. Rame on April 19, 2008 at 2:17 am

    Yes, when someone is genuinely enthusiastic about a product, they are speaking from their hearts and the beauty of this method is that the reader could actually feel the same emotions that the other person had; when he/she wrote it.

  2. tontowi on April 26, 2008 at 4:32 am

    tank’s mr armand, i had took alot of knowledge from you