If you’ve read here recently. I posted a post titled “Can Google Predict The Iowa Caucus Winners?” well the results are in and Google is batting at about 30%.

According to CNN the results for the Democrats are:

1.) Barack Obama
2.) John Edwards
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) Bill Richardson
5.) Joe Biden

On the other hand, Google DID NOT choose any right for the Republicans. So as my friend Jeanette Cates said, “Is Google a Democrat?” Hmmm?

I’m going to do the test again before the New Hampshire primaries and see if Google out do itself. Although, 30% is not too shabby. Maybe I should have done some online betting.

I think the real question is… What can YOU use Google Trends for? I’m going to have to do a video on this real soon. I think once you realize the power of Google Trends, you’ll use it a lot more.