Create Your Own Google Search Engine

Google just released a new service to their Google Coop which lets you create your own custom search engine. It will reflect your own look and feel and even show the results on your own site. Hmmm… do I see a huge opportunity here? You bet I do. Imagine what you could do, especially by adding adsense to these pages of your search engine.

You could even create a link to various topics on your blog or website and get it dynamically indexed. Definately worth a try.

If you want your own Google Search Engine… Here it is!

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  1. Andrew Harvey on December 2, 2006 at 10:42 pm

    Hi Armand!

    Thanks for the Tip-i just checked out the Google link.Very interesting-i see Great potention here.

    p.s.Great Blog by the way 🙂