One of the most valuable tools I have used in recent years is what I call an “Business Checkup”. Basically, this is where I personally review the process of my customers and their experience. The information is extremely valuable and sometimes shocking.

As our businesses grow in size, we tend to look toward the new and forget the old. This is quite natural to always look to the future, but you have to think of what got you and your business to where you are. This what we sometimes forget.

Before you can take care of new business, you need to keep up with the old. When I say the old, I mean previous customers, previous products, previous sales, previous processes.

Why would you look at these items?

Simply because there’s gold in it! Yup, absolute gold. By simply refining a previous product or sales process, you will learn that you are leaving money on the table.

Let me giv you an example. I was looking at the customer experience when they ordered a particular process of mine. What I found was a little disturbing. I found the product DID NOT download automatically like it was suppose to and people had to email my customer service in order to get it. NOT GOOD! I immediately changed it, which took only a few minutes and that’s one less customer service question my people have to answer.

I also tend review website salesletters. As we mature in our online businesses, our opinions change with new information we learn. When I look at the salesletters I may have written 5 or even 6 years ago, I am almost ashamed at their simplicity. They still sell, but man how much better will they sell with what I know now.

What if I could get another percentage point or two out of them. That would be a huge increase in sales for me, without really doing any more work at all. Essentially this would be free money for me.

What can you upgrade from years past? Think of what this can mean to your business. Take some time to review what you currently have and you too may find some unfound gold.

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  1. Michael Madden on January 10, 2006 at 3:25 am

    Hey Armand

    This may be the most boring, yet profitable, task for any business person to undertake. Doesn’t fall into the ‘WOW’ category—-until you see the results. Case in point. I have a Broadcaser Training company and give away a Free Report ( ) as a means of educating folks on how to break into radio broadcasting.

    For the longest time, I used long copy on the splash page and had just enough success with it I didn’t see the need to refine it. I read an article on short copy testing better (should’ve been testing this myself:>)) so I went ahead and did it. My downloads increased 82% literally overnight. Further tweaking and amending of the copy has since increased that number as well. I did the work one time, but the increases are daily.

    Another area this concept should be practiced is on ones PPC words. I’ve found over the years more effective ways to communicate the message my students are looking for as I get to know the language they speak more intimately.

    Thanks for the tips, as you’ve you’ve helped me sit on the cutting edge of my industry.

    Michael Madden