bb.jpgTelegeography estimates that there were 221 million broadband lines worldwide at the end of 2005, and that number will reach 286 million by end of 2006, and 448 million by 2010. Look at these numbers. They are pretty interesting as to where the users are located. Probably not where you would think.
Asia-Pacific 89,573,436
Europe 63,455,527
U.S. & Canada 53,270,000
Global total 221,818,261

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  1. Carl Morgan on June 1, 2006 at 4:33 am

    Broadband in Europe is huge, some nights every other TV advert is by a company promoting it’s Broadband service.

    The prices are tumbling to, my cost has reduced 33% with speed increasing from 512K to 8mb in 6 months.

    Regards… Carl