Major Google Issue… Affects Us All

Over the last two days I’ve heard some new information which is EXTREMELY disturbing regarding Google Adwords. In fact, this new information will affect literally EVERY SINGLE MARKETER on the Internet and if nothing is done about it, it will probably get your Google Account BANNED.

Watch the video and see exactly what I mean.

[flv:http://armandmorin.s3.amazonaws.com/googlebridge.mp4 480 360]

Here’s a screenshot of part of the email my affiliate received from Google.

I understand that Google may not like this product. Although I’m only teaching people how to use image ads on the content network the right way. It’s not about the product. It’s about the idea of “BRIDGE” page or what they are deeming a bridge page.

If you are selling your products on Clickbank… then under this guide, you are using a BRIDGE page which Google will suspend you for. If you use PayPal… then you are using a BRIDGE page which Google will suspend you for. If you are using Google Checkout… then you are using a BRIDGE page which Google will suspend you for.

Do you see how crazy this is? I was contacted by two people in the past 48 hours both promoting different products. One was using Clickbank. The other was promoting the product above.

What is the solution? It’s a bit difficult, but I have an idea. We’ll wait and see what Google’s response is to our question. I’ll keep everyone updated.

UPDATE: AM Kahn a known Google expert and friend of mine recently posted a two very important posts. One dealing with what Google wants as far as landing pages. I totally agree with what he states here, in fact, I’ve been teaching this exact method for 2 years in my Armand Morin LIVE event.

Google Quality Score Demystified
Advice From Google On How To Create Content

UPDATE #2 – Andy Beard just posted an piece of amazing research regarding Google’s advertising spending and rules. I urge you to check it out.
Google Adwords – Mid to Long Tail – Google Doesn’t Care?

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