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New Google Ad Manager


It’s seems as if Google is just releasing update after update and product after product laterly. Just the other day Google just released their new Google Ad Manager. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks pretty cool. Basically what Google Ad Manager is, is a tool to allow you to manage your own ads

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Why Do I Think This Email Only Gadget Will Take Off?


Recently a company called Peak showed pictures of their new email only gadget that’s getting read to hit stores in September. The gadget is quite simple. You connect to your email service via, imap or pop3 and can read and send email. That’s it. It’s plain and it’s simple. It has a full QWERTY keyboard

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This Internet Marketer Pissed Me Off

It’s true an Internet Marketer got the best of me and what really PISSED me off was I didn’t guts to say the things she said first! All that aside… I think Sylvie Fortin just went off the fricken deep end. She just wrote FREE REPORT which EXPOSES and SLAMS all of the CRAP you’ve

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WordPress iPhone App is LIVE


The long awaited WordPress iPhone App is finally ready. If you’re using WordPress for your blog, then you’re going to love this iPhone App. I’ve been waiting for this since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. I just heard about this just minutes ago at Weblog Tools Collection. Here’s some of the

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New WordPress Theme Directory

WordPress.org just released their brand new WordPress Theme Directory. The old theme directory at WordPress.net wasn’t updated for the longest time. WordPress decided to bring it totally in house under the “EXTEND” section of their site. Keep a watch on this for new and exciting themes. Click Here for the WordPress Theme Directory.

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I Now Have An iBrick


Like a good geek, I went and downloaded the new iPhone 2.0 firmware for my iPhone. I was excited to see that it was finally available. I tried to download it last night, but it wasn’t available. I’ll wait to upgrade the iPhone. Me and huge lines just don’t agree. Back to my story. I

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WordPress For iPhone App

I just read about a new iPhone App coming soon called “WordPress For iPhone“. This will be an open-source app. With the release of the iPhone App Store today, this is definitely a timely product. It’s not out yet, but I’m waiting as I’m sure a lot of other people. Here’s a video overview of

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I Found It – My New Office Chair


Ok, I found my new office chair. I have no idea of how much it costs. I have no ideas of what it does. But… it looks cool as all hell! This is a true throne of a geek. Here it is…

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Google Adds Search Volume To Keyword Tool


Google has just added a new feature to it’s Keyword Search Tool. This new feature is two fold, Average Search Volume for the Previous Month and the Average Monthly Search Volume for the past 12 months. If you’re an Adwords geek like I am, you’re going to love this new feature. It’s going to give

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Getting Things Done With David Allen

I met David Allen a few years ago at Joe Polish’s Marketing Seminar. Joe tends to get many of the most influential people of the day to speak at his seminars. Like most of you, I’m always trying to get more things done and when I heard David Allen was going to be there too,

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