Value. Engage. Teach.

You have to give your clients and prospects a reason to buy from you. I live by the rules of giving value, being engaging and teaching the audience. It is far easier to sell on the Internet if you give people a great value. That’s the one thing I start everything with is the value

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The Criminalization of Wealth

Lately, I’ve noticed something I call the Criminalization of Wealth as a read the online news and watch the news channels. It seems they are looking at people who have a lot of money as the bad people. I think it’s due to things like the big banks and others that have ripped off many

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Too Much Noise

You have to be more direct in your marketing today than ever before because there’s more noise on the Internet than at any other time in recent history. There are more things coming at consumers than ever before. For example, you probably get a lot more email now than you received five years ago. There

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Shock and Awe

Shock value is so underrated, and I don’t think people do enough of this in their marketing. Let’s look at Oprah for a great example of shock and awe. Several years ago, Oprah shocked her viewers by giving away cars to everyone in the audience. This was something that had never been done before, but

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Magazines Are Not Dead!

Let’s talk about magazines. It seems that everyone on the Internet is talking about how magazines are dead. That’s probably somewhat true for offline print magazines. They’re all going to die at some point. Newspapers will fade away for the most part, and they’re going to try and charge people to access their online content

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Make Them Want You

Having an online magazine is a great way to get exposure. When you build an online magazine you’re able to get your message in front of people who actually want to read what you have to say every single month. The vast majority of people in the marketplace have no clue as far as how

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The One and Only

Are you the one and only? Is there a part of your business where you are the only person in the world that actually can do it the way you do? This has been coming up in a lot of things I’ve been reading lately. I’m a big fan of a guy named Marty Neumeier.

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Sell a Great Product

I get approached by a lot of different people who all have questions about making money online. They generally ask questions like: “What’s the latest and greatest?” “What’s the new information out there?” And, “What’s changed?” I always tell them what’s on my mind at the time and then try to answer their questions. One

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Good Enough For Now

Is your product the best that it can be? My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago. He was a carpenter and always worked on other people’s homes. He fixed them up and installed siding and roofs. I worked with him a lot when I was a kid growing up. My grandfather was one

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Get 100,000 Visitors a Month!

I just released my BRAND NEW product SecretPPC. It’s a complete video training where I teach you a SECRET method I’ve been using for almost a year which drives 100,000 visitors a month to my websites. It’s true and it’s NO JOKE. I can do this with any site. It’s NOT some lame technique with

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