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I’m starting something brand new. I’ve always meant to do this, but just never got around to it. What am I talking about? My own show (podcast). So finally I did it. In fact, I’m writing this now LIVE in front of an audience at my BraveTheWave Authority event to show exactly how it’s done.

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Easyt Fill-in-The-Blanks Salesletter Template Plugin

Develop high-converting salesletters using this step-by-step salesletter template and copy suggestion tool. Works with any WordPress theme!

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Google Buzz: Are You Buzzing?

Google Buzz

Unless you’ve been hiding underneath a rock for the past week, no doubt you’ve heard about Google’s new tool called “Buzz”. Some say it’s a Twitter and FaceBook killer, while others say it’s a privacy nightmare. Either way it’s here to stay and it definitely be a social media game changer. But I also have

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Get 100,000 Visitors a Month!

Secret PPC

I just released my BRAND NEW product SecretPPC. It’s a complete video training where I teach you a SECRET method I’ve been using for almost a year which drives 100,000 visitors a month to my websites. It’s true and it’s NO JOKE. I can do this with any site. It’s NOT some lame technique with

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Create Products On-Demand – New Technology

Monthly Products

This is HUGE… I just released my latest product called… MonthlyProducts.com. Here’s the basics, Mike Stewart and I just released this state of the art technology which allows anyone to literally CREATE PRODUCTS ON-DEMAND, in literally just a few short minutes. I have to say it’s amazing. You’re going to love it. The best way

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Meet Me In Las Vegas… $5000 In Bonuses

Big Seminar

Let me ask you a question… What would it be like to be trained by the world’s top marketers for 3 full days? How would it change your business? How much more income could you generate? What if you could get your hands on the EXACT SAME training which all of the top marketers have

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My Daughter’s First Dance Class

Avery Morin

I’m in Ireland right now speaking at a seminar, but my wife Marianna took my daughter Avery to her first dance class. Avery is almost 3 years old.. She’s the one in the orange with pigtails. Trust me you can’t miss her. The last line when the music stops the funniest. [flv:http://armandmorin.s3.amazonaws.com/averydanceclass.mp4 480 360]

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NEW VIDEO: How To Become An Authority

Armand Morin

I just posted a new video on “How To Become An Authority“. If you want to become the definitive expert in your niche, then you you absolutely need to watch this  video you can watch it right here. Click Here To Wach It Now: http://www.8272009.com

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Free Internet Training Videos… Leading Up To 8.27.2009

Let me fill you in, I’m doing a series of FREE Internet Marketing Training Videos leading up to a SECRET product launch I’m doing on 8.27.2009. The videos are 100% FREE. These will be actionable techniques, strategies and information which you can implement into your business on the very same day. No fluff just straight

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Amazon Buys Zappos.com

TechCrunch just posted news that Amazon just bought Zappos.com for 10 million Amazon shares or $880 million. I find it a very interesting and a smart move my Amazon to purchase Zappos. With the rising of Zappos brand and it’s innovative “customer first” policy, it’s really a no brainer. Zappos keeps running under a wholly

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FTC and Internet Marketers


Recently there has been several investigations from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regarding the practice of marketing. To clarify I should say the underhanded methods of marketing product and services. I’ve spent some time reading the actual documents and complaints  on the FTC website in order that I not make any of the same mistakes.

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Armand Morin Network Products

Dicover Top Online Places to Advertise On

Quickly locate tons of highly targeted and even popular websites that accept online ads — where you can place yours, often for little cost!

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